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You deserve the best custom challenge coins!

So you’re looking to buy custom coins? That is fantastic news! You have just found the best place online to buy any and all types of custom coins.

Buying custom challenge coins offers a very unique experience because it’s one of the few products you buy that includes a specialized and specific service. The specialized service I’m speaking of is coin design or digital coin proof. Before you go believing that just anyone should design a custom coin, allow me to be a voice of reason and say that only competent, experienced designers should be creating coin proofs that will be used to manufacture your custom coin order.

custom military retirement challenge coins

I don’t want to put anyone off here. I do believe anyone can design a coin and I encourage everyone to use their creativity when working with this great medium. However I believe very strongly that a novice should not have the final say over artwork that will be used to create the final product. You must understand the responsibility you are accepting and should you choose to make a bad design choice then you will have no recourse if you end up not liking your finished coin.

die struck navy challenge coin

Does service matter to you?

When I say service I am not just talking about design services. I’m talking about attention to detail on your digital coin proof, quality control, responsiveness to inquiries and overall access to the business you’re working with.

dual plated coin

Quality custom challenge coins are not cheap!

People seem to have this idea that custom coins should be cheap or inexpensive. I would caution anyone with this mentality to stop and ask themselves what value they’re putting on service. Would you perform your job for free? If not then how can you expect a business to perform for you, for little to no compensation.

gratitude challenge coin

There are costs inherent in every business. The free artwork or coin proof that is part of the service I mentioned is not free. Regardless of whether a full time employee, business owner or outsourcer completes the task. Someone had to invest their time or money in that digital coin proof! I will go as far as saying that time is even more valuable than money because no one can make more time.

You must understand that businesses are in business to make money. They need that money to pay their bills, employees, suppliers, overhead and their salaries. If you are looking for the lowest possible pricing or cheapest available custom coins, you will not find them here.

Task Force 145 military challenge coin

Who is

Buy custom coins dot com is a United States Navy veteran owned and operated custom coin maker. We proudly manufacture coins for anything, let’s say you’re looking for the ultimate tokens of appreciation or a custom commemorative coin to celebrate or memorialize a special event, unique occasion, milestone birthday or anniversary, or for any other reason.

Our mission is to be the best custom coin maker online!

Here at we strive for industry leading customer service and the best quality finished product. We offer two distinct manufacturing processes which is kind of a complicated way of saying we manufacture both die-cast and die struck coins.

Our die struck challenge coins can be made out of brass, iron or copper but are usually brass based. Our die-cast coins are made using zinc alloy as the base metal. These coin types normally have a completely different feel weight wise so we offer additional thickness on our die-cast coins for NO additional cost.

Help us provide you an accurate quote!

Custom coins are available in just about any shape imaginable. With so many possibilities available sometimes it’s hard to make a decision, however there are some questions we need answered in order to provide you an accurate quote. We will need to know the quantity you wish to create, your desired plating or metal finish (gold, nickel, bronze, antique, shiny or matte) and whether or not your coins will be painted.

Don’t be fooled by our name!

Even though our website name is buy custom coins dot com we also manufacture other custom metal promotional products such as custom lapel pins and keychains. Your satisfaction is always our highest priority and that’s why we proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the craftsmanship of every custom product we create. We will gladly replace any defective piece for NO additional cost to you.

We look forward to working with you on all your custom metal promotional product needs. Together we will come up with an outstanding finished product that will be a valued keepsake for many years to come.